Cost Effective Shipping Service

FRATESAVER™ is the right option, when saving money is the only option.

Why pay more than you have to?
FRATESAVER™ allows you to only pay for the space you use by sharing the space with other shippers.
It’s quick, simple and affordable.

Is FRATESAVER™ right for you?

When saving money is important and time is not the driving factor.

YES ✔️

  • Your shipping schedule is flexible
  • Your freight is shipping within the United States and/or Canada
  • You do not need the entire trailer
  • Your cargo does not require permits

NO ✖️

  • Your shipping schedule is not flexible
  • Your freight is heading to or from Mexico
  • You need the whole trailer
  • Your cargo needs oversize or overweight permits


  • Cost savings – pay only for the space you use
  • No transloading or cross docking
  • Standard open deck & enclosed trailers
  • Cargo insurance
  • Low risk of damage or loss

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